70 Jahre industrialisierte Datenverarbeitung by Adam A.

By Adam A.

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Although our eyes instinctively seek out light, without the subtle contrasts between brightness and darkness brought about when light meets solidity, the world would look flat and drab. Recall for a moment the monotony of an overcast day, made all the more oppressive by an absence of shadows. In fact, the pattern of light and shade created when a scene is illuminated is one of the best visual clues that we can have as to the shape of things within it. 1 The antisolar point. This is a point on the opposite side of the sky to the Sun.

A very distinct heiligenschein is formed on road signs that have been painted with reflective paint. This type of paint contains large quantities of tiny glass spheres to make it more reflective and these act as very efficient retro-reflectors. The signs are usually above head height. Your shadow can fall on such a surface only when you are illuminated by a light that is below head-height, say by the headlamps of a car. Occasionally you may see a very bright heiligenschein on street signs at sunset or sunrise.

When the Sun is low in the sky, most of the polarised light comes from a band some 30° wide, which arches overhead in a direction that is perpendicular to the Sun’s rays. 10). 9 Polarised airlight. In this diagram, unpolarised light is represented by crossed arrows. This is because unpolarised light consists of electromagnetic waves that are vibrating in all possible planes perpendicular to the direction in which the light is travelling. Light that reaches the eye directly from the Sun is unpolarised.

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