863 Buddhist Ways to Conquer Life's Little Challenges by Barbara Ann Kipfer

By Barbara Ann Kipfer

BUDDHA’S solutions TO LIFE’S day-by-day DILEMMAS

Is it attainable to discover peace of brain in rush hour site visitors? how will you sit back with the consistent ringing of your cellular phone? whilst is there time for mindfulness in the course of a chaotic workday?

863 Buddhist how you can overcome Life’s Little Challenges indicates the best way to triumph over the hitches, hiccups and hardships of recent lifestyles throughout the knowledge of Buddha. You don’t must be a Buddhist to profit from the suggestions during this publication. Open to any web page and you’ll discover a real-life challenge via an easy-to-apply resolution for conquering it in a spiritually gratifying demeanour.

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This year you will be making the trip alone. Traveling by yourself feels a little weird. WISDOM: When traveling alone, enjoy your seclusion without desire. Tranquility is fostered by solitary time. SITUATION: You’re trading in your old car for a new one. The dealer asks you if the car was ever involved in an accident. You were in a minor fender-bender that you got repaired. You will get a lower price on the trade-in if the dealer knows the car was in an accident. WISDOM: The Buddha knew that thinking, speaking, and acting in ethical ways were preliminary steps to take before progressing to higher spiritual development.

You feel this is getting in the way of your meditation. WISDOM: For a week during meditation, be particularly aware each time lust enters your mind state. Watch for it. See what precedes it, how it begins, how long it lasts, and when it ends. Is it a strong or weak mind state? Be aware of mental or physical resistance felt when this mind state arises. Soften and receive. Sit and be aware. Let the mind state arise, observe it, and let it go. SITUATION: After dabbling with meditation for a number of years without much success, you are pledging to make a genuine effort in your practice so that you may learn better how to appreciate life in the present moment.

It is the beginning of fall, and your father mentions that he does miss that first day of the season when you take a deep breath and the air feels different. WISDOM: Go outside to take in some deep breaths. Trees and plants are involved in creating the air you breathe. Animals are breathing the same air. So are other humans. Focus on your breathing and look deeply into it. Experience these connections fully. SITUATION: You can’t remember the last time you felt this good and relaxed. As you hike through the woods on this beautiful fall day, it seems that all your troubles have left you.

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