900 Practice Questions for the Upper Level SSAT & ISEE by Princeton Review

By Princeton Review

PRACTICE MAKES ideal ... and The Princeton assessment brings you all of the perform you want to ace the higher point SSAT or ISEE and get into the non-public tuition of your choice.

The Secondary institution flair try (SSAT) and autonomous institution front exam (ISEE) are the most important elements of the appliance method for personal faculties. supply your self or your pupil a leg up within the aggressive admissions race with this work out ebook filled with perform difficulties and factors to aid hone your parts of energy, increase your parts of weak point, and drill your technique to success.

Practice Your technique to Perfection.

• 2 full-length perform assessments (1 for SSAT & 1 for ISEE), plus approximately six hundred extra questions
• Alternating SSAT & ISEE drills that offer a transparent comparability of specific
• Verbal, Math, interpreting, and Writing query types

Academic and Strategic Explanations.

• remedy questions "your teacher's way"...

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E 6. C 7. B 8. A 9. D 10. B SSAT Synonyms Drill 2 1. E 2. B 3. D 4. E 5. A 6. C 7. E 8. A 9. A 10. E SSAT Synonyms Drill 3 1. C 2. E 3. D 4. B 5. D 6. D 7. E 8. A 9. A 10. D SSAT Synonyms Drill 4 1. E 2. D 3. B 4. A 5. C 6. A 7. B 8. C 9. C 10. A SSAT Synonyms Drill 5 1. B 2. C 3. C 4. D 5. C 6. B 7. C 8. E 9. E 10. B ISEE Synonyms Drill 1 1. B 2. C 3. A 4. B 5. C 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. A 10. D ISEE Synonyms Drill 2 1. D 2. A 3. D 4. C 5. B 6. D 7. B 8. A 9. D 10. B ISEE Synonyms Drill 3 1. C 2. A 3.

A Pristine means untouched, undisturbed, or clean. 9. A To flaunt means to show off. 10. D To wane means to decrease in strength or intensity or to fade. SSAT Synonyms Drill 4 1. E Conventional means following or using accepted standards and rules, being ordinary and typical. 2. D To expect means to look forward to or anticipate. 3. B To contradict means to speak the contrary or opposite of a previous statement, to deny or dispute. Contra- is a prefix that comes from the Latin word for against and the root dict comes from the Latin word for say.

A To tally means to add up or count. 4. A Rival means a person who opposes in competition, therefore an opponent or competitor. 5. D To clarify means to explain, make clear, or resolve. 6. A Serenity means peacefulness or calmness. 7. D Eulogy means high praise or a tribute of high praise, most commonly thought of as a speech given at a funeral. The prefix eu- or u- comes from the Greek word for perfect, and the root log comes from the Greek word for thought or study. 8. A Obtuse means lacking in perception or intellect, or being dense.

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