A Berry-Esseen Type Estimate for a Weakly Associated Vector by Shashkin I.P.

By Shashkin I.P.

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42 Comparison of photostability of greenfluorescent antibody conjugates. ): Oregon Green 514 (O-6383, ■), Alexa Fluor 488 (A-11001, ), BODIPY FL (B-2752, ), Oregon Green 488 (O-6380, ) or fluorescein (F-2761, ●). Samples were continuously illuminated and viewed on a fluorescence microscope using a fluorescein longpass filter set. Images were acquired every five seconds. For each conjugate, three data sets, representing different fields of view, were averaged and then normalized to the same initial fluorescence intensity value to facilitate comparison.

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43) and thus reduce the quenching in our protein conjugates. Both this cysteic acid derivative and our sulfosuccinimidyl ester of BODIPY FL propionic acid (BODIPY FL, SSE; D-6140) are quite soluble in water and potentially useful for preparing conjugates of most proteins and other biomolecules. 2) are sometimes employed as cell-impermeant probes for selectively labeling the outer membrane of cells in topological studies; 22–24 these sulfonated BODIPY FL succinimidyl esters and the STP esters described below may be similarly useful.

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