A central limit theorem of branching process with mixing by Yan-yan L.

By Yan-yan L.

During this paper, we talk about a category of branching techniques which generalize the classical Galton-Watson strategies: we let a few blending dependence among the offspring within the similar new release. A critical restrict theorem is demonstrated and the Hausdorff size on such form of branching technique is given.

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Most of the glauberite and/or thenardite deposits have been found in a triangular area with its vertex in the city of Madrid, one side extending to the south, from there north-northeast, roughly perpendicular to the area's central valleys, and then to the northwest back to Madrid. It appears that there were subbasins within this area that formed the individual deposits, since they are generally similar, but the soluble sodium sulfate zone in each has its own specific thickness, purity, and sequence of minerals.

Thicker halite beds have been formed in the earlier Falces and Zaragoza Gypsum Formations. The crystals are millimeter- to centimeter-sized, of a zoned hopper structure, and contain many small inclusions of fluid, anhydrite, and polyhalite. Dolomite is quite common and is the dominant carbonate mineral in the formation, although magnesite is the only carbonate found with glauberite and polyhalite (in contrast to the Rio Tiron area, where only dolomite has been reported). Both carbonates can occur as several-centimeter-thick massive or laminated beds and appear to have been formed by the replacement of calcite by high-magnesium brines.

Mirabilita. Glaub. ). 30-B > ^ > >^ Yeso. Glaub. ). Yeso. Glaub. ). Anhidrita. Glaub. ). Anhidrita. Glaub. ). Anhidrita. 11 Typical composition of glauberite at Rio Tiron. ) 44 Chapter 2 Ancient, Buried Deposits beds of variable thickness of these materials. The clay in the marl consists of predominantly kaolin and detritus of mica, quartz, and feldspar. In a few zones there are adjacent sandy beds made up of quartz-feldspar (in a ratio of —3:1) and a carbonate-gypsum binder in variable proportions.

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