A Teaching Seminar With Milton H. Erickson

This quantity provides the full transcript of a five-day seminar with Milton Erickson. Her the reader will event Erickson speaking approximately his approach to remedy, demonstrating his strategies, telling one attention-grabbing anecdote after one other - anecdotes which regularly produce emotions of cognitive dissonance and shock, yet ultimately light up new methods of seeing sufferers and wondering psychotherapy. In his introductory bankruptcy, Jeffrey Zelig demonstrates how Erickson used anecdotes to speak on a number of degrees right away in an incredibly robust manner. furthermore, the appendix offers an in depth dialogue via Erickson and Zelig of 2 introductions within the transcripts, revealing the precision of Erickson's instructing, within which each stream each inflection and each organization have value.

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These needs come out in the verbal and nonverbal response to “prehypnotic” anecdotes. While many other factors can be used to diagnose hypnotic style, the above four factors of absorption, responsiveness, attentiveness and control are especially amenable to be diagnosed while the therapist is casually telling the patient a story. In consideration of this diagnostic approach (and without straying too far beyond the scope of this book), implications for composing a therapeutic strategy are clear.

These patients got over their problems quickly and needed little insight. Other patients got over their problems slowly and laboriously and enjoyed getting insight into their problems. This particular patient had a style of nodding her head affirmatively that was outside of her conscious awareness. She consistently nodded her head to the parts of the anecdotes that had to do with getting over problems slowly. Equally consistently, she refrained from nodding her head during the parts of the anecdotes that had to do with getting over problems immediately.

Zeig, in press, b). Redefinition is a technique of defining the problem in a slightly different way than the patient defines the problem. After defining the problem in a different way, therapy can be supplied that will correct the new definition of the problem, thereby correcting the problem. Erickson used anecdotes to do both reframing and redefining. A good example of using anecdotes to provide reframing and redefinition of the problem is found in the beginning of the day on Thursday when Erickson talks with Christine and tells her anecdotes about headaches.

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