Abraham Lincoln. The Great Emancipator by David P. Press

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S. president when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Johnson was a Southern Democrat who firmly supported the Union during the Civil War. But, as president, he often clashed with the Republican-led Congress. 55 Abraham Lincoln of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments, they began to pass local and state laws, known as “Black Codes,” that denied African Americans certain rights such as getting an education or working anywhere except on a farm. By the 1890s, Southern racists had torn large holes in Lincoln’s legacy of emancipation and equality under the law.

S. senators were not elected by a direct vote of the people. People voted for representatives to their state’s legislature, and the legislators voted for the two senators who would represent their state in Washington. Realizing that he didn’t have enough votes to win the 29 Abraham Lincoln election, Lincoln threw his support behind another candidate, who went on to win. Though Abe was disappointed, the other Illinois Senate seat came up for election in 1858. Abe started to plan his campaign. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates Soon after the Kansas-Nebraska Act passed, many anti-slavery Whigs, Northern Democrats, and antislavery leaders from other parties united to form a new political party called the Republicans.

May 1–4: Confederate victory in Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia. July 3: Confederate defeat in Battle of Gettysburg marks turning point of war. July 4: Vicksburg, the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi, is captured by Grant. August 10: Lincoln meets with abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who pushes for full equality for African-American Union soldiers. November 19: Delivers Gettysburg Address. 1864 March 12: Appoints Grant commander of all Union armies. September 2: Army of the West commander General William Tecumseh Sherman captures Confederate stronghold of Atlanta.

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