Aging as a Spiritual Practice: A Contemplative Guide to by Lewis Richmond

By Lewis Richmond

The bestselling writer of Work as a religious perform presents a user’s existence consultant to getting older good and making each year satisfying and transformative.

Everything adjustments. For Zen Buddhist priest and meditation instructor Lewis Richmond, this basic Buddhist guiding principle is the foundation for a brand new internal highway map that emerges within the later years, charting an realizing which could deliver new probabilities and a wealth of appreciation and gratitude for the lifestyles trip itself.

Aging as a non secular Practice is a smart, compassionate publication that courses readers throughout the 4 key levels of aging—such as “Lightning moves” (the second we get up to our aging)—as good because the techniques of adapting to alter, embracing who we're, and appreciating our exact lifestyles chapters. not like many philosophical works on getting older this one comprises illuminating evidence from clinical researchers, medical professionals, and psychologists in addition to contemplative practices and guided meditations. Breath by means of breath, second via second, Richmond’s teachings encourage unlimited possibilities for a pleasure that transcends age.

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Marcia’s experience is a lesson in what an emotional ride aging can be, and how those emotions can distort our experience of aging. This Reflection is an inquiry into your own emotions around aging. What one word best describes your primary emotion about how old you are? Is it “surprise,” “regret,” “relief,” “contentment,” “gratitude,” “despair,” or something else? Take a moment to tune in to your emotions and give it a description or a word. If you are feeling surprise, what has surprised you?

At the time, Suzuki was in his sixties, and most of the people in the room were in their twenties and thirties. ” We laughed with him. We thought he was joking. Now I realize that he was being honest. He had been ill the whole previous winter and was still coughing and wheezing months later. Physically he hadn’t been feeling well, and yet his whole demeanor radiated contentment. He was clearly enjoying his old age. I now think that Suzuki was actually letting us in on a great secret, one that the young cannot truly understand: It is possible to find enjoyment in the gift of each moment and each breath, even in the midst of difficulty.

It was only then, as details of his life came out, that we discovered how full of tragedy that life had been. And yet he did not show it or let it defeat him. He met what life handed him with kindness and a ready smile. His example has been a lifelong inspiration for me, and a touchstone for the writing of this book. Many of the contemplative practices described here are ones he taught me. Even the teachings I have drawn from Christianity and Judaism come, I believe, from the same universal wisdom source that Suzuki embodied.

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