Alexander Hamilton: Young Statesman by Helen Boyd Higgins

By Helen Boyd Higgins

The grownup accomplishments of this Founding Father, architect of the structure and primary Secretary of the Treasury, are mythical, and in this newest providing, teenagers meet the younger ''Alec'' starting to be up within the Caribbean as he goals of traveling the land known as the United States. followed by way of his parrot, Hurry-Up, and his spouse, Poleon, Alec's tranquil days are choked with the books he loves and visits to the waterfront to greet the huge ships arriving from Europe—until his uncle insists that Alec healthy using classes into his agenda. kids will determine with Alec's fight to beat his fear of horses and cheer at his braveness as he narrowly escapes a violent typhoon whereas on horseback, all whereas retaining his eye at the prize—school in the USA. Featured sections and enjoyable proof clarify what occurred subsequent and when Alexander Hamilton lived, supplying younger readers with a photo of the leader's whole life.

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He shouted. “The power of the King will one day be taken over by the people themselves in that new country. ” “That might be treason, Knox,” said Uncle Peter, rising quickly from his chair. Alec slipped from his chair to stand near his mother. ” said Mr. Knox. “No, sir. No Englishman will pay a tax that he himself has not made. The King is imposing taxes on everything. ” Alec asked. “Maybe. Maybe. Here is a letter from my friend Hercules Mulligan. He lives in Boston Town. He is much worried over the troubles in the American Colonies.

That is your worst fault, you know,” Uncle Peter asked. “I will do my very best, Uncle Peter. My very best. ” “We’ll see. We’ll see,” said Uncle Peter. “Come now, we’ll go and tell your mother and Mr. ” Alec pushed open the office door. The two started 42 I ’ L L NO T BE A F R A I D across the garden. When they came in sight of the house, Poleon began to shout from the drive. ” he called. “Just you look. ” 43 A L E X A N DE R H A M I LT ON Chapter 6 Christopher Columbus A lec stopped. There was Poleon holding the bridle of a small, black horse whose white feet were pawing the thick dust of the drive.

He was shoved and pushed. He stumbled across the street. He could not see Mr. Knox. He began to shout. But he was so far down in the crowd that no one could see or hear him. Alexander Hamilton shut his teeth hard. He blinked back the tears. His mouth was bleeding where someone had struck him. Then, suddenly, there was a clear space, and, not 29 A L E X A N DE R H A M I LT ON far ahead, was Mr. Knox. He had stopped to talk. Alec jumped ahead, slipped, and fell. For a moment he thought that he would be stepped on by the heavy feet around him.

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