Amazing People of New York: Inspirational Stories by Charles Margerison

By Charles Margerison

As you stroll round big apple urban, you're touring within the footsteps of wonderful humans together with George Washington, Mark Twain, Sojourner fact, Irving Berlin, John D. Rockefeller, and Susan B. Anthony. of their alternative ways, they made significant contributions to manhattan, making the town what it really is today.A urban travel not like the other, striking humans of recent York takes you on a desirable trip during the historical past of 1 of the world's such a lot visited towns. you'll meet those that contributed to the song, the enterprise, the struggle for civil rights, the shipping and different very important points of the city's lifestyles. Come nose to nose with iconic figures linked to what John Fitzgerald known as "The long island" via BioViews®. A BioView® is a quick biographical tale, just like an interview. those targeted tales supply an ideal way of studying approximately remarkable those who made significant contributions and altered our global.

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Not sure, I asked him to give me a figure that he thought was fair ’I propose 40,000 dollars a year,’ he said Had I misheard? Trying not to look surprised, I shook his hand and accepted With that sum, I was able to hire technicians In addition, the money funded technical research I met Mr Pope, who had a great interest in machines He helped me a lot and new developments emerged It was the start of my entrepreneurial career The start of a business that would transform the city The research led to the electric light As a result, the Pearl Street Station was built in lower Manhattan The first central power plant in the USA On September 4th 1882, we lit up 400 lamps for 85 customers What a night!

Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 37 Amazing People of New York Albert Gallatin 1840 Arriving in America from my native Switzerland, I saw opportunities It was in the early 1780s and the colonists were in revolt They were winning the war against their British rulers A new country was about to be formed In 1789, that became a reality, when George Washington became President As a new immigrant in a new land, it was not easy to become established Moving to Pennsylvania, I tried farming and fishing But, that kind of work was not for me Next, I taught my native French language and it helped me make a living But, my ambitions lay in the field of politics Having learned to speak English, I was elected to the US Senate in 1793 Then, someone said that I did not have nine years of citizenship So I was removed, but re-elected in 1795 and was House Majority Leader As one of the House of Representatives, I helped form the law and traditions My knowledge of finance helped me form the House Committee on Finance Later, I became Secretary of State for Finance in the Jefferson Administration A post that I held for thirteen years, working hard to balance the books Not an easy job at the time of the 1812 war My knowledge of French enabled me to make many contributions A key part of my work was involved in the Louisiana Purchase from France In addition, I was asked to be the United States Minister to France During the five year period from 1814, I made many connections Then, it was time to return and I noticed the growth of the American cities Planning their development I regarded as a great challenge Also, many expeditions were supported and new territories discovered In due course, I was asked to represent the American Government in London For two years, 1826 and 1827, I served at the Court of St James On my return, I chose to live in New York The city had grown rapidly and was like a country within a country There was a need to help people learn and develop to meet the needs My own learning and professional experience had been extensive It was time to plan for the future and invest in education A new country needed to develop the talents of its youth It was time to develop a place where a new generation could learn © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 38 Amazing People of New York I gathered my friends in New York and put an important proposal to them The city needed and deserved a first class university We set to work and raised funds from many people Many planning meetings were held and hundreds of documents written It took a long time to find a building and appoint the staff Eventually, on April 18th, 1831, New York University opened its doors There were 158 students registered in the initial group It was the start of a great wave of people who would follow We added to the great work done by Kings College, founded in 1754 That became Columbia University Those two great institutions laid the foundation for higher learning Other organizations and institutions supported the initiatives Benefactors, as well as Government support, encouraged new developments New York had become a major center for higher learning and research My research focused on the ethnology and language of native Indians It was important to understand their culture New York was a meeting point for many views and voices It was a privilege for me, as an immigrant, to have been involved.

Here is New York 1948 © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 52 Amazing People of New York Viewpoints and Quotes Joan Didion “It is often said that New York is a city for only the very rich and the very poor. ” © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 53 Amazing People of New York William Cullen Bryant 1878 As a journalist for the New York Evening Post, I searched for stories It was not necessary to look very far The city was teeming with immigrants searching for a new start Some of them honest, some wanting to bend or even break the rules Most people lived hard lives, in squalid conditions New apartments and houses lagged behind the demand Food and facilities were often scarce Too many people crowded together brought arguments and violence at times Reporting the opinion as well as the facts was part of my job A long way from my early career as a poet and lawyer That did not pay the bills, but I did not give up my idealism Through the newspaper, I campaigned for the abolition of slavery Working with President Lincoln on the Emancipation Proclamation In the process, I became part owner of the paper and Editor-in-Chief A role that I proudly held for 50 years, from 1828 to 1878 A time that saw the gradual replacement of horse and cart by railways Steam engines brought major changes to factories and farms alike Mud tracks became lanes and then streets and then highways Free enterprise led to the creation of businesses People needed unions to protect them from exploitation That was one of the campaigns I supported Other campaigns related to improving the facilities in New York Communication was revolutionized by Samuel Morse His dots and dashes helped us get news from all over the country Yet, despite all the advances, the health of the people was poor There was a need to improve hygiene and care for those who were ill Therefore, I brought together men of the city who were concerned As a result, the New York Medical College was established in 1860 The first step on a long road to improving community and personal health Instead of traditional methods, like bleeding a patient, we proposed new ones Homeopathy to encourage the people to look after their own health A good diet, regular fitness exercises and rest were advocated A focus on prevention, rather than obsession with cures, was encouraged On 20th Street and Third Avenue we invited people to join us © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 54 Amazing People of New York It was originally called the New York Homeopathic Medical College We had 59 students and a faculty of eight, who helped train their successors The start of a revolution in health management It was certainly necessary as diseases spread quickly in overcrowded places As the first President of the College, I encouraged research and innovation Of course, it was expensive and a major task was to find financial supporters It was part of my role in helping to develop New York Contributing to the planning of Central Park I also supported the Hudson River School and Metropolitan Museum of Art After many years in New York, it was a pleasure to witness its development.

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