American Civil War. Biographies by Kevin Hillstrom

By Kevin Hillstrom

Part of Gale's American Civil battle Reference Library, American Civil battle: Biographies bargains precise essays at the lives of 60 members in volumes. The 1,200- to 2,400-word essays are observed via sidebars, additional analyzing lists, cross-references and extra. each one quantity incorporates a chronology, undertaking feedback, a name/subject index and extra.

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S. House of Representatives. He soon emerged as an opponent of the Mexican War (1846–48). This was a conflict between the United States and Mexico for possession of lands in the West. Lincoln felt that the United States was illegally grabbing territory that belonged to its weaker neighbor. He also worried that westward expansion would complicate the already heated debate between North and South over slavery. Both sides would want to extend their political ideas and way of life to the new territories.

S. Senate. Lincoln lost the election, but the spirited debates between the two candidates propelled him to national attention. In 1860, he became the sixteenth president of the United States. But Lincoln’s election convinced the slaveholding states of the Southern United States to secede (withdraw) from the Union and form a new country that allowed slavery, called the Confederate States of America. Lincoln considered this act an illegal rebellion against the national government, and the two sides soon went to war.

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