An Empty Death by Laura Wilson

By Laura Wilson

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Chapter 1 advent - Soul and Spirit in Scripture
Definition of the Soul
Use of the be aware "Soul" in Scripture
Use of the notice "Spirit" in Scripture
Chapter 2 The beginning and resource of the Soul
When Does guy obtain His Immortal Nature?
Chapter three the character of the Soul
"Temporal" Souls?
Annihilation for the Wicked/Eternity in Heaven for the Righteous?
Chapter four Man's Soul and Man's Sin
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Hell is a spot of Punishment for our bodies and Souls of the Disobedient Wicked
Hell is a spot of wide awake Sorrow, Torment, soreness, and Suffering
Hell is a spot of Unquenchable fireplace and timeless Worms
Hell is everlasting in Nature
No Hell . .. No Heaven
Chapter 6 Conclusions

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Now, back in Suffolk since the flying bombs started, they were, of course, a bit older, and he thought - although he didn’t voice it - that the adjustment to home life would be as hard, if not harder, than it had been before. Jenny, who’d seen the children more recently than Stratton, fretted constantly about it. ‘They even sound like her now,’ she said. ‘It’s as if they don’t belong to us any more. They’re used to that big house, and all the space, and . . oh,’ Jenny gave him a despairing look, ‘.

Privately, he didn’t agree with the people who said that the war would be over in a month, but he wasn’t going to tell Jenny that. The odd thing was, though, he’d had the impression that she was going to say something entirely different - he didn’t know what, but not that. Perhaps he’d imagined it. In any case, he was too tired to pursue it. ‘I honestly don’t know,’ he said, ‘but whatever happens, we’ll manage. We’re a lot better off than some - like that poor woman last night. And when it’s over, we’ll have the kids back.

In the last four and a half years he’d seen more than his share: houses burst open, filthy, scarred and exposed raw to the sky, buses hurled into the sides of buildings, severed arms, legs and heads coated with a new skin of plaster-dust, and as for last night . . Feeling nauseous, he went down to breakfast. He didn’t really fancy it - besides the sick feeling, he wasn’t awake enough to be hungry - but Jenny would be worried if he didn’t eat anything. At least the hens that he’d persuaded her to keep in the garden were laying well, although they did, as she often complained, attract flies.

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