Ancient Civilizations Reference Library Vol 2 Biographies by Judson Knight; Lawrence W Baker; Stacy A McConnell

By Judson Knight; Lawrence W Baker; Stacy A McConnell

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However, the inscriptions speak of morality in broad terms and make no mention of certain key Buddhist concepts. It is possible, therefore, that what Asoka embraced was a mixture of Buddhism and a “universal religion,” or a belief that all people who worship with sincerity worship the same god. Whatever the faith, Asoka set out to conquer the world with it, as he had once conquered with the sword. He sent missionaries to bring his message to far-flung places, including Egypt and Greece. Though Buddhism never took hold in those countries, it did spread to the island of Ceylon (seh-LAHN), where it replaced Hinduism as the dominant religion.

End of Toba Wei Dynasty in northern China. : Sassanid Persians gain control over Arabian peninsula. : Establishment of Sui Dynasty, and reunification of China. : Three kingdoms emerge as Korea establishes independence from China. c. : African kingdom of Aksum declines. : End of Sui Dynasty, beginning of T’ang Dynasty, in China. : Mohammed and his followers escape from Mecca (the Hegira); beginning of Muslim calendar. : Founding of Cairo, Egypt. : Muslims conquer Egypt. c. : Decline of Teotihuacán in Mesoamerica.

He could hardly have turned out otherwise, given his upbringing. His father, Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus (G’NAY-us doh-MISH-us uhheen-uh-BAHR-bus), was every bit as terrible as his name. He is said to have killed a child for not drinking enough wine. At Nero’s birth, he told the boy’s mother, Agrippina (ag-ri-PIE-nuh), that their son would come to no good (an understatement). Agrippina was no better than her husband, perhaps worse. She maneuvered to marry the absentminded emperor Claudius (ruled A .

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