Anne Hutchinson: Religious Leader (Colonial Leaders) by Beth Clark

By Beth Clark

- Compelling graphics of yankee history's such a lot awesome female and male leaders- contains informative sidebars- attention-grabbing, easy-to-understand content material- enhances institution curriculum

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She was not afraid of him and Anne Hutchinson/Colonial 4 1/16/01 6:21 AM Page 47 Mrs. Hutchinson on Trial quickly insisted that he name the charge against her. Winthrop told her that she was thought to be guilty of sedition, of holding meetings in her house after the ministers had discouraged them in August, of not supporting the ministers and the churches, and of supporting John Wheelwright. Finally, he told her, she had broken the fifth of the Ten Commandments, which says to honor your father and mother.

She was not afraid of Governor Winthrop or of the court. She would not make it easy for them to send her away from the colony. Next the court asked her to defend the weekly meetings she had held in her home. She answered them by quoting two different 47 Anne Hutchinson/Colonial 4 1/16/01 6:21 AM Page 48 48 ANNE HUTCHINSON Accused at her trial of having “troubled the peace of the commonwealth and the churches,” Anne demanded to know exactly what she was charged with. Among other things she was told she had insulted the ministers and was causing other colonists to question church leadership.

By the beginning of 1637, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was not at all the peaceful, perfect Anne Hutchinson/Colonial 4 1/16/01 6:21 AM Page 37 The Troubles Begin Like Anne, Governor Henry Vane believed in the Covenant of Grace. When Vane lost power, Anne lost a powerful supporter. society John Winthrop wanted it to be. Instead, it was an angry place, full of arguing between those who supported Winthrop and Wilson and those who supported Anne Hutchinson 37 Anne Hutchinson/Colonial 4 1/16/01 6:21 AM Page 38 38 ANNE HUTCHINSON and Henry Vane, the popular young governor who believed in the Covenant of Grace.

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